COVID-19 Update 🚨

In light of the current pandemic, we here at Neofundamentalist are here for you.

You’ve got to wear a mask sometimes?

Just as a pride flag over a church is a sign that it is conquered territory, masks are like a pride flag for your face, showing your submission to the new morality.

But we all have to get groceries. What is one to do?

The solution we’ve come up with for now is to wear a mask that says something important and signals a message contrary to the new virtues being imposed on us.

Speaking truth is more important than ever, but it’s also harder than ever since we aren’t allowed to be together (at least not in Canada!).

A mask that raises consciousness is one way you can speak truth and still get your groceries—for now!

A mask speaks. Make sure you believe in what it says.

Neofundamentalist Masks