CDC study finds 5 masks more effective than 4

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new report on Wednesday confirming what many experts had already suggested: wearing five masks prevents the spread of COVID-19 more than wearing just four masks.

The CDC also reports that a tight mask fit is important and significantly protects the wearer from contracting COVID-19, and therefore Duct tape, rope, or other head-wrapping protocols are indicated.

It deserves noting that the five-mask technique, hailed as a no-brainer by governments and thinking people everywhere, is not for the faint of heart—literally, it is difficult or even impossible to breathe through that many layers.

This study was highly anticipated after recent 4-over-3-mask and 3-over-2-mask analyses, and, of course, the seminal 2-over-1 mask analysis, were recently released.